Item #: BQ1206 -- Fine WWII-period Gendai Shin Gunto, Masayasu -- $4750.00

A fine hand made (gendai) katana, ca. 1940, by the respected smith Mano Masayasu - 4th seat 1941 Exhibition - in high quality WWII army officer's (shin gunto) mounts. The sword's nakago is ubu with one original ana and signed, "Bishu ju Nano Masayasu Kitau Kore." This is an excellent work; the smith worked in Aichi and is written up in John Slough's book, "Modern Japanese Swordsmiths 1868-1945," p. 108. The hamon has lots of activity in a choji gunome form with nie nioi and sunagashi. The hada is fine masame with areas of aiasugi. The original polish is very good with some scuffs from cutting. Mounts are in fine original condition with a total of eight seppa, cut out tsuba, mear mint field grade officers tassel, silver habaki and silver family mon. 39 1/2" overall, 26 3/16" nagasa.

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