Item #: BQ3341 -- A Japanese Metal Combat Helmet Prototype, ca. 1900 -- $1000.00

A Japanese metal helmet, probably a prototype of the Meiji / Taisho period. Constructed in the traditional multi-plate armour fashion seen on earlier kabuto, with the traditional top vented cover. The back interior surface carries an unidentified arsenal stamp. Three strap interior liner with several hand inked kanji, complete but lacking one of the the attaching devices; could be easily restored. The chin strap is missing, as is the original helmet crest. About 70% of the original olive drab paint remains on the exterior and nearly all is present on the interior. Great period shape, dent free, displaying minor exterior surface rust. We had not encountered this pattern helmet before it was found in Sendai about ten years ago. 26.4 cm. W.

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